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Precautions for the use of UV flexo varnish

Source:Dongguan Deli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.      Time:2021-04-25 17:47:39

1. The UV varnish should be fully stirred before use

UV varnish is blended with many kinds of chemical raw materials. After a long period of non-use, some of the chemical raw materials in the varnish will separate. It should be fully stirred before use.

2. What is the difference between the requirements for UV varnish in summer and winter?

 UV varnish is divided into two different formulations: winter type and summer type, especially the varnish used for partial glazing for screen printing. There are some differences depending on the temperature during use. When using, pay attention to distinguish the seasons and weather temperature changes, and select the appropriate varnish. The solid content of the winter formula is lower than the summer formula, so that the leveling performance of the varnish can be better when the temperature is lower, and the temperature in summer is higher. Appropriately increasing the solid content can increase the curing speed.

 If the winter formula is used in the summer, it is easy to cause the oil to be incompletely cured and easy to cause anti-sticking. On the contrary, if the summer formula is used in the winter, it will cause the UV oil to have poor leveling performance, resulting in blistering and orange peel failure.

Third, avoid incomplete drying and anti-sticking methods

1. The speed of the light curing machine is adjusted to the slowest speed that does not affect the production.

2. Choose 2*5.6kw light curing machines, the normal speed is 30m/min.

3. Ultraviolet lamps whose service life has not expired (the national standard is: 800h~1000h, domestic lamps are about 500h).

4. The UV lamp tube and lampshade should be cleaned and wiped with alcohol once a month to avoid dust covering and affecting the curing effect.

5. The product cannot be piled up immediately after the UV curing machine, it should be divided into 5-10 sheets and placed on the drying rack to cool for 15 minutes before being piled up.

6. If you encounter dark blue, black, and special substrates, use quick-drying UV varnish or reduce the speed.

Fourth, how to detect whether the UV matte film varnish is completely dry and avoid anti-sticking phenomenon

UV dumb film varnish is made of resin with low melting point. In the hot summer, if the side is not completely dry, it is easy to stick. First of all, the drying process of UV varnish is divided into surface drying and deep drying, so it is not possible to rely on hand mold alone. According to experience, the following three methods can be provided:

1. Use a dry index finger to firmly press on the surface of the dried UV varnish for 5 seconds and release the non-sticky hand to completely dry.

2. Stack several finished products and press them with a force of 50kg to 100kg for 2-3 hours.

3. Wipe the surface with talcum powder.

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